Yoga Can Be Used as a Hangover Cure February 24 2015, 0 Comments

If you like yoga, and you also like drinking alcohol, you're in luck! Several sources (listed below) affirm that yoga can be an excellent hangover remedy. So, if you experience hangover symptoms the morning after a night of excessive alcohol consumption, yoga might be a excellent method to cure your hangover fast.

While it may not be advisable to partake in a hardcore exercise regimen if you are experiencing a hangover, yoga can be a good alternative. As discussed in a recent MagiPatch blog post entitled Is Exercise a Good Hangover Cure? Maybe.: "Because your body is dehydrated when you are hungover, partaking in any sort of exercise that would cause you to sweat - or lose more bodily fluids - may make your hangover feel even worse."

Since yoga may not necessarily cause a person who is hungover to sweat profusely, it might serve as an excellent hangover cure.

Here are a few articles on how yoga may work as a cure a hangover:

Yoga Poses to Cure Your Hangover - This article states that yoga is a healthy hangover cure because it does not involve ingesting medicine that can cause damage to the body. Also, yoga is a calming activity that helps a person relax and promotes health. The article also says that yoga helps release toxins in the body and helps with circulation.

Hangover Cure: The Best Yoga Pose for Hangovers - The author of this article suggests that a yoga pose called the "Seated Twist" is an excellent hangover cure. The article provides instructions on how to complete the Seated Twist, and suggests that this particular yoga pose speeds up the hangover recovery process.

Too Much to Drink? Try Yoga - This article states that a body that is feeling the effects of a hangover might feel better after yoga. The author provides information on various yoga poses that might help cure the symptoms of a hangover.

6 Pain-Relieving Yoga Poses - Provided in this article are instructions for six different yoga poses that are meant to help cure a hangover fast - by relieving headache pain and restoring balance to the hungover body.

Hangover Helper: Detox Yoga Flow - This is a video that shows viewers several yoga poses that are designed to help recover from a hangover. The yoga poses featured in the video are designed to promote stretching, deep breathing, and twisting motions that are meant to help the body detox and feel better.

Exercise, Relax and Get Over It : Yoga Hangover Cure - This is another video that provides yoga instruction. The caption under the video implies that everyone searching for a hangover should try yoga!

If you are searching for a way to cure a hangover fast because you are suffering from serious hangover symptoms, yoga might be the answer.


Is Fast Food the Best Hangover Cure? February 23 2015, 0 Comments

When it comes to hangover cures, it seems that everyone has their own opinion on what works best to treat hangover symptoms. Typical hangover indications include headache, dehydration, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, and feeling weak. If you have ever experienced a hangover, what have you used as the best hangover cure? Did your hangover cure involve eating greasy fast food - specifically food items from McDonald's?

In an article that was recently published by the Western Daily Press entitled Hangover Cure: McDonald's Delivered to Your Doorstep, it is explained that in Southwest England, a team of two individuals have started a McDonald's food delivery service that caters to people who are hungover and don't want to physically visit a McDonald's - but still want the food to treat their hangover. According to the article, the new service is designed to make the morning after drinking a little less miserable.

The article says, "They promise a doorstep delivery service of whatever you crave - but can't face leaving the house to get yourself. The service will save you a painful journey to McDonald's for your Bacon & Egg McMuffin or pick up your coffee from Costa."

The couple that owns the delivery service will, upon request, bring customers painkillers that will help a headache, Alka Seltzer for those hungover with a stomach ache, and other items such as toilet paper.

The cost of these hangover cures that are delivered to your door? A reasonable delivery charge plus the cost of the items that are delivered.

The idea for a fast food delivery service to individuals suffering from a hangover is apparently a good one. The article states that the delivery service company opened a Facebook account and was able to achieve thousands of likes very quickly. Additionally the owners of the business state in the article that there was such a high demand for their delivery service after the company opened that they had to work longer hours than originally anticipated an also had to ask a friend to help them make deliveries.

The couple that owns the delivery business says in the article that food from McDonald's is the most commonly requested delivery item because it is apparently a hangover cure that works relatively well.

According to the article, the following is true about the customers of the McDonald's food delivery company:

  • People don't like to leave their house the morning after a night of excessive drinking, especially when they are experiencing severe hangover symptoms.
  • The demand is quite high for a food delivery service that caters to individuals looking for how to cure a hangover fast.

It's not uncommon for people to believe that greasy food is the best hangover cure. But, does it really work? If you think that eating food from McDonald's or any other fast food restaurant is a the best way to cure a hangover, we want to hear from you. What do you think? What menu items would you recommend to others? Please leave your comments below.


The Best Foods to Eat Before, During and After You Drink to Prevent a Hangover February 23 2015, 0 Comments


If you've ever experienced a hangover, you know what hangover symptoms feel like. Nausea. Headache. Dizziness. Fatigue. Weakness. Muscle Aches. Feeling Awful.

In most cases, hangover symptoms eventually go away on their own. But enduring the pain and suffering caused by a hangover can be extremely unpleasant and downright miserable.

Most people who have ever suffered from a hangover never want to experience hangover symptoms ever again. And this is one reason they do everything in their power to avoid getting a hangover in the first place. But how can people avoid getting a hangover if they either enjoy drinking alcohol on a regular basis or they simply choose to drink a little bit too much one night?

When it comes to preventing a hangover or taking steps to cure a hangover, there are several methods. But some methods work better than others. Anyone looking for an excellent hangover recovery system that is proven to work should learn more about MagiPatch, which is a hangover cure that is applied to the skin 30 minutes prior to the consumption of alcohol. The patch contains several natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are absorbed into the skin via Transdermal Drug Delivery Technology. When left in place for up to eight hours after drinking alcohol, MagiPatch prevents the onset of hangover symptoms. MagiPatch is not only a hangover cure, but it's also considered as a hangover prevention system that stops a hangover from occurring in the first place.

Even though MagiPatch is quite possibly the best hangover cure available on the market today, can you take additional steps to prevent a hangover or cure a hangover? Many believe that what you eat before, during and after you drink alcohol can significantly affect your chances of getting a hangover, and also curing a hangover if you get one.

Here are some tips from different websites on what you should eat before, during and after drinking alcohol to ward off a hangover:

SymptomFind - 10 Best Hangover Foods To Eat For A Fast Recovery - This article states that if you want to know how to cure a hangover, eat the following food items: eggs, toast, crackers, bullion soup, honey, fruit juice, water and/or sports drinks, cactus extract, tomatoes, and beef or chicken noodle soup. The article also says that eating fatty foods is not necessarily a way to cure a hangover, but might help with hangover prevention. Therefore, fatty foods should be eaten before drinking because they may be better at preventing a hangover than curing one. - 10 Foods and Drinks that Help a Hangover - This article on lists several foods and drinks that should work as hangover cures. Included on the list are: water, sports drinks, fizzy drinks, bananas, eggs and whole wheat toast, various herbs, greasy food, spicy foods, soup, and plain crackers. - The Best and Worst Foods to Cure a Hanover - This article states that there is not a specific combination of food that will serve as a perfect hangover cure, but eating certain foods can do a great job at alleviating hangover symptoms. The list included in this article offers the best and the worst foods that a person should consume as a hangover remedy, including the following: water sports drinks, coconut water, ginger or peppermint tea, fruit juice, pickle juice, bananas, kiwi, spinach, eggs, chicken noodle soup, miso soup, crackers or toast with honey, oats and tomatoes. The article also contains a list of foods that should be avoided as a hangover cure: greasy food, drinks that contain alcohol, coffee and orange juice. - How to Avoid a Hangover - This article provides tips on what to eat before, during and after a hangover. The advice it gives is as follows: BEFORE: starchy bread, pretzels, pasta and fruit. DURING: water. AFTER: ginger tea with honey and lemon, fruits, vegetables and eggs.

Do You Have Plans to Drink this Weekend?
If you are planning to drink this weekend, make sure you have the best hangover cure in your possession before you start drinking. If you do end up with a hangover, the last thing you are going to want to do is search for ways to cure a hangover when you are experiencing severe hangover symptoms.

Filling your stomach with certain types of food may be a great way to help avoid the possibility of getting a hangover. In fact, you might want to adopt the mantra: If I'm Going to Drink, I Better Eat!

Drink With an Empty Stomach?
Have you ever heard that drinking on an empty stomach is a bad idea? If you have ever consumed alcohol on an empty stomach, you may have noticed that it makes you feel drunk faster. So, if you want to "hold your liquor" better, make sure to eat food before, during and after you drink. Your chances of suffering from a hangover the next day will be greatly diminished. Following the advice given by the abovementioned websites by eating certain foods before, during and after drinking may also give you the upper hand against a hangover.

Eat Food Before, During and After Drinking, and Also Use a MagiPatch
If you want to completely avoid the possibility of getting a hangover after a night of excessive drinking, try using a MagiPatch and also eating quite a bit of food before, during and after drinking. The combination of natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients in the MagiPatch and the nutrients in the food you eat are an great way to cure a hangover - or to prevent a hangover from ever occurring.


Health Benefits of Red Wine February 20 2015, 0 Comments

There are many health benefits associated with drinking red wine. This comes as great news to people who love the taste of red wine, and who like to drink a glass or more of red wine every single day. But anyone who drinks red wine knows that over-consumption can lead to a painful hangover the next day. A red wine hangover can be brutal. If you have ever suffered from a hangover as the result of drinking red wine, you have first-hand knowledge of how important it is to have the best hangover cure on hand when a hangover strikes.

An article published on entitled What are the Benefits of Wine? states the following facts about red wine:

  • The history of the cultivation of grapes for the purpose of wine making stems back many thousands of years.
  • Wine was used to treat certain medical conditions at different points in history.
  • The consumption of red wine might promote a longer life, provide protection against certain types of cancers, provide benefits to the heart, and offer benefits to a person's mental health.

How Much Red Wine is Healthy?
When people who love to drink red wine hear that drinking red wine is beneficial to their health, they often wonder how much they should drink in order to achieve the highest benefits. It's important to realize that just because red wine is known to have health benefits does not necessarily mean that a person should drink enough to cause them to have a hangover. A hangover cure should not be necessary every time a person drinks red wine. In other words, if you find yourself searching for how to cure a hangover every time you drink red wine, you are probably drinking too much at a time.

So, how much is the right amount? Published information says that the correct amount can be described as "moderate." However, what is moderate for one person might not be moderate for another. Factors such as the size of a person's body, a person's age and sex, as well as other factors help determine what is moderate for a specific individual. If you drink a certain amount of red wine, and the next morning you find that you are looking for a hangover cure - you can consider the amount of red wine that you consumed to be over the moderate level.

Do All Types of Wine Contain the Same Health Benefits?
An article recently published on the website entitled The Health Benefits of Red Wine says that red wines that are good for a person's health are full of flavonoids. Different types of red wine contain different flavonoid levels, but in general, red wine contain more than most types of white wine. Essentially, red wine probably has more health benefits than white.

When drinking red wine, a hangover cure such as MagiPatch should be kept on-hand in case you need it. But drinking red wine each day because you want to reap its health benefits does not mean you should drink until you are desperate.



How Does Transdermal Drug Delivery Technology Work as a Hangover Cure? February 18 2015, 0 Comments

MagiPatch is a hangover remedy that works through a transdermal drug delivery system. As stated in an article published on the website, Transdermal drug delivery is defined as the non-invasive delivery of medications through the skin surface. The concept of transdermal drug delivery has been around for many decades. In other words, it's not a new method of delivering medication to a person - without the need for oral pills or injections with needles. In the case of MagiPatch, a small square is placed on the skin, and the body absorbs the ingredients in the patch over the course of several hours. The delivery method is considered a controlled release - and it's painless and simple.

What Happens When the Active Ingredients of MagiPatch Touch the Skin?
When you place a MagiPatch on your skin, the active ingredients on the patch slowly get absorbed through the skin. The ingredients slowly make their way into your circulatory system. The patch is attached to the skin with an adhesive called a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA). A PSA is designed to ensure that the patch remains in contact with your skin for the several hours that it is worn. However, the pressure is very light and practically unnoticeable by the user. The adhesive that is used with a MagiPatch is easy to remove from the skin, and is designed to not leave any sort of residue.

There are Many Advantages of the MagiPatch Hangover Cure
If you are searching for the best hangover cure, MagiPatch is the answer. This transdermal drug delivery system is proven to be an effective hangover remedy that works. Here are many of the reasons MagiPatch has advantages over other types of methods to cure a hangover:

  • MagiPatch offers controlled absorption
  • MagiPatch is simple to use
  • MagiPatch is completely painless
  • MagiPatch can be removed from the skin at any time, which terminates the administration of its active ingredients
  • MagiPatch is convenient and its package can be carried in a purse, wallet or pocket
  • MagiPatch is filled with ingredients that are healthy and specifically designed to work as a hangover remedy

Cure a Hangover with Transdermal Drug Delivery Technology
When you apply a MagiPatch to your skin before consuming alcohol, it begins to work immediately. It's ingredients are designed to prevent your body for suffering from common hangover symptoms such as nausea, headache, thirst, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to noise, and feeling extremely tired. If a MagiPatch is applied to your skin before you begin drinking, it works to keep your body fortified with vital nutrients - one of which is Vitamin B. Because the patch works via a transdermal drug delivery method, it provides a slow yet systemic distribution of active ingredients over a period of several hours. Known as one of the best hangover cures currently available, MagiPatch is safe for most men and women who are over the age of 21.


Hangover Cure for Mardi Gras February 16 2015, 0 Comments

Whether you are in New Orleans or anywhere else in the world, and you celebrate Mardi Gras, you are undoubtedly going to want a hangover cure the day after a night of drinking. Because the city of New Orleans is used to seeing many people suffer from a hangover the day after excessive amounts of alcohol have been consumed, many businesses in the area have developed their own hangover cures.

According the website, one of the best cures for a hangover in New Orleans is offered in a local restaurants. One restaurant is called Cafe Adelaide, which offers a "Hangover Hospital" which is on the restaurant's menu. In the article entitled Best Hangover Cures in New Orleans, the author describes the Hangover Hospital as: the best prescriptions you'll find on a plate in the Big Easy. The chef of the restaurant states the following about the Hangover Hospital in the article, “It fills your tummy with heavy, delicious breakfast food. Combined with a cocktail, it can either alleviate what ails or get you ready to start again.”

Another restaurant featured in the article that offers a hangover cure is called Tujague's, which offers bitters and soda as the best cure for a hangover. The article states the following about this restaurant's hangover cure: "Open for more than 150 years, the bartenders know a thing or two about how to treat a hangover. So pull up a barstool at the old cypress bar and throw back a bitters and soda – a classic hangover cure known to settle the stomach that offers just enough watered-down alcohol to take the edge off."

Additionally, the author of the article says that Satsuma Cafe in New Orleans offers a healthy drink that is one of the most well-known hangover cures available in the area. As stated in the article, "When your head is pounding and you’re feeling queasy, you might also consider bellying up to the bar for a healthy drink. At the Bywater’s sweet, eclectic Satsuma café, locals stop by the morning after for a fresh-squeezed organic juice concoction, like the Green Drink, made with apple, fennel, kale, cucumber and celery. Wonder why it’s a wonder-drink?"

Celebrate Mardi Gras, But Do So With a Hangover Cure in Mind
If you are going to celebrate Mardi Gras this year, you will likely consume alcohol for several days or night in a row. And, unless you experience a severe hangover, you will probably not let a few minor hangover symptoms slow you down. In fact, according to the author of an article published on entitled Mardi Gras Hangover? Scientists Suspect It Won't Slow You Down, "... Researchers may be finding hints of what you and I have long known...that no matter what we say, or how we feel, our hangovers likely have very little to do with how soon we'll drink again."

If you know you will be drinking for Mardi Gras, plan ahead. Use a MagiPatch before, during and after you drink. You will find that it's more effective than eating certain foods when your hangover symptoms appear. Essentially, it's the best cure for a hangover that exists today!


Can Different Types of Alcohol Affect Your Hangover Severity? You Bet They Can! February 16 2015, 0 Comments

When talking about hangover severity, have you ever heard these phrases?

  • Beerthen liquor, never been sicker!
  • Liquorthen beer, have no fear!
  • Beer before liquor, never been sicker!
  • Liquor before beer, you're in the clear!
  • Beer before liquor, never sicker quicker!
  • Never mix your liquors!

"I drink to make other people more interesting."

- Earnest Hemingway

If you think these sayings are merely creative rhymes that are fun to say but don't hold any truth, think again. Different types of alcohol are not the same when it comes to predicting your hangover severity the morning after a night of heavy drinking. In reality, there are a number of factors that come into play when trying to determine your potential hangover severity.

"Everybody should believe in something;

I believe I'll have another beer."

-W.C. Fields

Here are some factors that impact how two people drinking the same amount and type of alcohol might affect two people differently:

  • The age, body type and weight of each person
  • How much each person eats (and what they eat) before, during and after they drink
  • The rate at which each person's body metabolizes alcohol

The above factors can certainly influence a person's hangover severity. But, many people do not realize that certain types of alcohol can also affect the harshness of a hangover.

“Here's to alcohol, the rose colored glasses of life.” 

-F. Scott Fitzgerald

According to extensive information published on The Oxford University Press on the topic of hangover severity, the following points are true: 

  • Hangover symptoms appear when the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) returns to zero after excessive drinking
  • A hangover can show its effects for 24 hours, and sometimes longer
  • Nobody knows why hangover symptoms surface after alcohol is eliminated from the body
  • Hangover severity is influenced by several factors not related to the amount of alcohol consumed - and one such factor is the type of alcohol and its level of congeners
  • The level of congeners in the alcohol consumed can have a direct effect on a person's hangover severity

“The only cure for a real hangover is death.” 
-Robert Benchley

About Congeners:

  • Congeners are substances that add to the taste, aroma, consistency and appearance of alcoholic drinks
  • Drinks that are darker in color generally contain a higher congener content
  • Alcoholic drinks that are high in congeners may have a direct impact on hangover severity
  • Consuming fewer drinks that are high in congeners can produce a hangover that is more severe than consuming more drinks that are lower in congeners.

“Alcohol, taken in sufficient quantities, may produce all the effects of drunkenness.”
-Oscar Wilde

Examples of Lower Congener Alcoholic Drinks:

  • Vodka
  • White Wine
  • White Rum
  • Gin
  • Light Beer

Examples of Higher Congener Alcoholic Drinks:

  • Bourbon
  • Brandy
  • Tequila
  • Whiskey
  • Single-Malt Scotch
  • Red Wine
  • Dark Beer

“There is no bad whiskey. There are only some whiskeys that aren't as good as others.”
-Raymond Chandler


Is Everything You've Ever Heard About Hangover Cures Wrong? February 13 2015, 0 Comments

According to an article recently published on entitled Everything Science Knows About Hangovers - And How to Cure Them, "Over the past five years, researchers have revealed that pretty much everything anyone has ever told you about the causes of hangover is wrong."

Do you believe this statement could possibly be true? Everything you've ever learned about a hangover is incorrect? The article has quite a bit to say about drinking alcohol, best hangover cures, and how to cure a hangover. Here are some of the points stated in the article:

  • Seventy-seven percent of drinkers report suffering from hangovers
  • Nobody really knows what causes a hangover
  • Hangovers cost $160 billion in the United States in lost revenue each year
  • Most scientific studies on alcohol focus on alcohol-related issues, but not hangovers

The article discusses the fact that in 2009 several researchers that specialize in studying alcohol consumption and hangovers got together and decided to refer to themselves as the Alcohol Hangover Research Group (AHRG). And since 2009, the group has distributed research that says that most of the facts that people think are true about alcohol consumption and hangovers are either unproven or wrong.

For example, the AHRG says that dehydration, which is a result of alcohol consumption, does not necessary correlate with hangover severity. Also, the idea that drinking alcohol results in low blood sugar, but high blood sugar levels might actually be the one of the causes of a hangover.

The AHRG says the following:

  • Most people who consume enough alcohol to drive their blood alcohol level to higher than 0.10 can pretty much guarantee a hangover the next morning
  • Hangover symptoms are at their worst approximately 12-14 hours after the blood alcohol level reaches 0.10 or above
  • It may be that red wine and/or whiskey create a more severe hangover than white wine and vodka
  • Hangovers may actually be cause by the body's inflammatory response to alcohol

The article goes on to discuss several possible and potential hangover cures. But, so far, the research of the AHRG has not resulted in the creation of a hangover cure that works every time. Luckily, until that day arrives, there's MagiPatch.

MagiPatch is a hangover remedy patch that was created after years of scientific research by Nutrillion Science, Inc. The patch looks similar to a clear sticker that is applied to the skin in an inconspicuous place. When it's applied 30 minutes before the consumption of alcohol begins, it transmits natural ingredients - including vitamins, nutrients, and anti-oxidants via Transdermal Drug Delivery Technology. When MagiPatch is used according to instructions, it serves as a helpful hangover cure that relieves hangover symptoms such as nausea, headache, thirst, sensitivity to light and noise, and more.

For more information on the ideas and theories of the Alcohol Hangover Research Group, visit the group's website, which contains extensive information on the alcohol hangover and possible hangover cures.


Is Exercise a Good Hangover Cure? Maybe. February 12 2015, 0 Comments

If you drank too much last night, you might be searching for the best hangover cure today. There are many ideas on how to cure a hangover. Some involve drinking certain types of liquid or juices, and other involve eating particular foods that are high in fat or salt. But, you might also discover that some people believe the way to cure a hangover is through strenuous exercise.

Can You Sweat Out a Hangover?
Do you believe that one of the best hangover cures is allowing the body to expel the alcohol you consumed through sweat? Is this theory actually ture? There are many reasons to believe that heavy exercise when you have a hangover is not the best idea - and can actually prevent your hangover symptoms from going away as quickly. Here are a few reasons that exercise might cause your body to feel horrible for a longer period of time:

Exercise causes dehydration. When you consume alcohol and you become hungover, your body is dehydrated. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it causes your body to lose more water than it would lose naturally. Because your body is dehydrated when you are hungover, partaking in any sort of exercise that would cause you to sweat - or lose more bodily fluids - may make your hangover feel even worse. Therefore, the idea that you can "sweat out" the alcohol as a hangover cure is not necessarily a true fact.

Exercise can make you feel lightheaded. When you don't have a hangover and you participate in a difficult exercise program, you might feel dizzy or faint. Now, imagine how you might feel if you try to exercise while you are already feeling a bit disoriented due to your hangover. If you attempt to run a mile as fast as you can, or visit the gym so you can exercise on the treadmill at top speed - with the hopes of ridding your body of a hangover through sweating - you might be in for an unpleasant surprise. Because exercising is not always the best hangover cure, you might end up feeling even more nauseated than you did beforehand.

You might fall off a treadmill or stationary bike if you are hungover. As silly as it might sound, if you have a hangover, you may not be able to support your body on a treadmill or a stationary bike. Therefore, attempting to use exercise equipment while you are hungover might be downright dangerous!

Light exercise might be an excellent hangover cure. Instead of trying to rid your body of a hangover through intense exercise, you might try light exercise - such as a walk around the block. Getting out of bed when you have a hangover is often a great first step to cure a hangover. The fresh outdoor air might also make you feel a whole lot better. Light exercise does not cause excessive sweating, which is a good thing when you are trying to combat an already-dehydrated system.


A Hangover Cure: The Easy Way February 11 2015, 0 Comments

Do you want an easy and inexpensive hangover cure, or one that is complicated and expensive? The answer to this question is simple. Who wouldn't want a hangover cure that costs only a few dollars and is simple to administer?

Introducing: MagiPatch, a transdermal patch that looks like a transparent sticker that is applied to the skin. The patch slowly and effectively releases vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants which effectively helps relieve the symptoms of a hangover. MagiPatch brings the body back to its natural balance after a night of heavy drinking. The patch is inexpensive and easy. However, not everyone knows about it, which may explain why some people around the world are opting for expensive and extreme hangover cures such as an IV infusion drip.

The IV Drip Hangover Cure is a Booming Business Around the World
The morning after heavy drinking, hungover individuals are often desperate for a hangover cure. So desperate, in fact, they are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for access to an IV drip that promises to cure a hangover.

Here are a few examples of companies that offer IV infusions as a quick hangover cure:

The Hangover Club - The Hangover Club offers hangover therapy via a vitamin IV infusion to people in the New York City area. There are three different IV drips available to hungover individuals: The Classic, The Super and The Mega. Each takes approximately 30 minutes to administer and each is supposed to make you "feel like a human again." The Hangover Club offers in-home service in which a certified registered nurse comes to your home within 45 minutes of your call, or a Hangover Bus which parks in various locations throughout Manhattan on certain days of the week. Interested people can sign up to receive alerts about where the bus is going to be located via The Hangover Club's website.

The IV Doc - The IV Doc offers IV hydration therapy to hungover people in several cities including New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. This company will send a representative to your home, office, hotel room, or other location to administer an IV that provides urgent dehydration relief. The cost for their Detox therapy is $219 and promises to relieve you of hangover symptoms such as headache and nausea. Appointments for The IV Doc can be scheduled on their website, and group discounts and gift cards area also available.

Hangover Heaven - Hangover Heaven is based in Las Vegas and offers IV hydration therapy to hungover people in need of a quick hangover cure. The company offers several package options including the Redemption Package for $99 or $129, the Salvation Package for $179, or the Rapture Package for $239. According to its website, Hangover Heaven has treated thousands of hangover sufferers with its IV hydration therapies. Additionally, Hangover Heaven says that their IV therapies are extremely effective and virtually painless.

The Drip Room - The Drip Room, located in Scottsdale, Arizona offers several types of IV drips on their menu. The specific drip that is designed as a hangover cure is called the Party Drip - and provides assistance to hungover individuals who may have "overindulged." The IV fluids in the Party Drip are designed to rehydrate a person with fluids, vitamins, and anti-nausea medications. The Drip Room's website states that their IV vitamin drips work because they allow for maximum absorption.

RevivMe - Reviv Wellness has locations around the world including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami Beach, New York City, and London. As stated on its website, the company was founded by board certified physicians. The IV infusion therapy offered at Reviv Wellness is designed to reduce the amount of time it takes to recover from a hangover. Reviv Wellness says that the benefits of its IV treatments include fast delivery, 100% absorption, complete hydration, vitamin level restoration, energy restoration, and fast effects.

PUSH IV Hydration - PUSH IV Hydration offers several treatment varieties including the Megaboost for $150, The Signature for $200 and the Fountain of Youth for $250. As stated on PUSH IV Hydration's website, appointments are available 24 hours per day - and individuals can either visit their clinic or they will come directly to you.

TheCureLA - The Cure LA provides rehydration and detox services to clients in need of hydration. An excellent hangover cure, the CURE LA offers IV treatments are designed to give you the boost you need if you are feeling hungover. Appointments can be booked via The Cure LA's website.

Vida Flo - Vida Flo refers to itself as the Hydration Station. With two locations in Atlanta, Vida Flo offers a hangover cure to individuals who have overindulged in alcohol and are now suffering from a hangover. According to Vida Flo, one of the most common reasons that people feel horrible after they drink is that their body becomes dehydrated. But with IV hydration therapy from Vida Flo, it's possible to feel better quickly - so you can enjoy your day!

Should You Choose an IV Infusion Hangover Cure Instead of a MagiPatch?
There is significant evidence that IV infusion therapy might be an excellent hangover cure. The reasons that IV infusions work are clearly stated on all of the abovementioned websites. The concept makes sense. But, what if you don't live in a city that has an IV infusion therapy center? And, what if you are looking for a hangover cure but you don't want to spend a hundred dollars or more?

MagiPatch is a simple answer to this dilemma. At a cost of a few dollars, MagiPatch is the perfect way to cure a hangover fast. It's possible to order a box of patches, and keep them on hand for when it one is needed. MagiPtch is an excellent hangover cure alternative to an IV infusion.


What's The Reason Some People Get Hangovers and Others Don't? February 10 2015, 0 Comments

Do you know the reason that some people need a hangover cure the day after drinking, and others don't? If so, please - let everyone know! The truth is, there is not a definitive scientific reason that proves why certain people experience mild or severe hangover symptoms the day after drinking and others do not - even if they consume the exact same amount and type of alcohol. But there are plenty of theories about this phenomenon.

An article that recently appeared on the website entitled Hangovers Are About Half Genetic suggests the following:

  • The results of a study on twins in Australia suggests that the reason some people get a hangover after drinking is the result of genetics.
  • The results of the study showed that in 40 percent of men and 45 percent of women, genetic factors account for the difference in hangover frequency.
  • Other factors, besides genetics, that contribute to a hangover include how much a person eats while drinking alcohol, how many drinks a person consumes within a certain timeframe, and how fast a person consumes their alcoholic beverages.
  • People who drink until they are intoxicated have a greater risk of having a hangover the next day.
  • People who do not experience hangovers have a greater risk of becoming addicted to alcohol.
  • The study involved participants who were identical twins, and the research found a correlation in hangover frequency among the twins, suggesting that genetics does play a role in the susceptibility of a hangover.
  • People react to alcohol differently, and one person might be able to handle more than another without experiencing a hangover the next day.

Another article that was published on entitled Your Complete Guide to the Science of Hangovers includes the following findings about hangovers and the need for hangover cures the day after drinking:

  • Scientists do not completely know why some people require a hangover cure the day after drinking alcohol and others do not.
  • Even though scientists do not know the exact cause of a hangover, they do have a scientific name for the phenomenon: veisalgia.
  • One explanation for a hangover is that consuming alcohol causes the body to become dehydrated which ultimately causes the typical symptoms of a hangover to appear.
  • Some researchers believe that a hangover is the result of the human body's complex response to alcohol - which interferes with the body's natural balance of chemicals.
  • The response of the human immune system might be the reason that hangovers occur in the first place.
  • Some specific alcoholic drinks are prone to cause more severe hangovers in some people.

If you typically experience hangovers after drinking, and you are desperate for a hangover cure when a hangover strikes, you're not alone. But the exact reason for your hangover symptoms are not necessarily easy to explain. As mentioned in the articles referenced above, the specific cause of a hangover is not easy to explain. In other words, a hangover is likely due to a combination of factors. If you are a person that typically gets a hangover after drinking, it's smart to learn more about hangover cures like MagiPatch - which can help prevent you from getting a hangover in the first place.


Testimonial: I am Curious to Test the Limits Even Further - Joel, Kansas City February 10 2015, 0 Comments

How to Cure a Hangover

All alcohol consumers can agree on one undeniable fact: hangovers are a horrendous experience. Personally, I have heard about many cures for hangovers that turned out to be old wives tales. I absolutely cannot stand the ‘hair of the dog’ hangover cure because it prohibits me from operating a motor vehicle and functioning in both public and work environments by fueling intoxication. How the heck am I going to have a productive day if I try to cure a hangover with more alcohol?

I was incredibly curious when I discovered the MagiPatch solution because it is actually backed by verified scientific research. Essentially, it is a patch you wear on your skin that releases vitamins that are designed to prevent your hangover.

My Experience

I wanted to have a typical night out socializing with friends to test the hangover cure. I choose to put the patch on my ribs so others would not see it and incorrectly assume that I am a smoker with a nicotine patch.

So, here are the dirty details of my night out. In the course of about four and half hours, I had 6 beers and 1 shot. I also had 3 glasses of water that evening. By the end of the night, I felt that I had slightly overdone it. I intended to only have 5 drinks. But, to quote F. Scott Fitzgerald, “First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you.” I was certainly in no condition to drive, and some might have compared my ability to walk with a toddler’s.

The Bottom Line

So what were the end results? When I woke up the next morning (after about 7 hours of sleep), I did not have the common headache, sensitivity to light and sound, or the nausea I would normally have after a night out. One thing that pleasantly surprised me was that I had a healthy appetite. Normally after drinking that much, I find that I can’t eat until later in the day due to an upset stomach.

Also, I didn’t find the patch to be cumbersome. I actually left it on for two more hours than the directions specified and I didn’t have a rash or any skin irritation. However, I was a still tired the next day. But I think this is to be expected and is a result of staying up too late and may not attributed to a hangover. Ultimately, I would give this hangover cure an A- because I was still little tired. I will definitely use this hangover cure again, and I am curious to test the limits even further.


How To Make a Hangover Feel Even Worse February 09 2015, 0 Comments

Did you drink a little bit too much last night? Did you wake up with a hangover? If so, you're probably desperate for the best hangover cure you can find right about now. Good thing there are hangover remedies that are designed to make you feel a whole lot better - quickly and easily! But while you are waiting for your hangover cure to kick in, there are a few things you should avoid. Believe it or not, it's possible to do things (and eat things) that are bound to make your hangover feel even worse.

Avoid doing the following, and your hangover cure will work much faster:

Don't drink coffee. You might initially think that coffee is the best cure for a hangover. But coffee is a diuretic. A diuretic is something that helps rid your body of sodium and water. When you have a hangover, the last thing you want to do is dehydrate your body. Therefore, coffee should not be considered a quick hangover cure.

Don't attempt to sweat out your hangover. In other words, going to the gym or on a long run while you are experiencing a hangover is not necessarily going to make you feel better. Exercising causes you to sweat, and when you sweat you lose fluids. When you have a hangover, you want to re-hydrate your body, not de-hydrate it.

Don't get behind the wheel of your car and drive. You should never drink and drive. But you should also not drive while you have a hangover - especially if your hangover is making you feel weak. If you have a hangover, you are probably in no condition to safely operate heavy machinery - including a vehicle. 

Don't pretend that you don't have a hangover. If you have a hangover, you are going to have to endure the pain associated with it until it goes away. While you are waiting for your hangover cure to do its job, take it easy on yourself. If you try and pretend that you don't have a hangover, you will probably not fool anyone (including yourself).

Don't drink citrus drinks such as orange juice or grapefruit juice. Rumor has it that consuming high-citrus juice while enduring a hangover is a recipe for disaster. In other words, drinking a tall glass of orange juice is not the best cure for a hangover because it will probably make your stomach feel worse.

Don't eat anything that makes you feel sick by just looking at it. It's true that there is an abundance of hangover cure advice that says eating certain foods will help cure a hangover quickly. But if the mere sight of specific foods makes you feel sick to your stomach, eating those foods are not going to make you feel better.

Don't go on a roller coaster. No explanation need for this one!

Handle a hangover the right way. If you're going to drink, prepare ahead of time. This can be easily accomplished by using a MagiPatch, which is a hangover recovery patch that helps you feel completely normal the morning after you consume alcohol!


Curious, Funny, Odd, Funky Hangover Cures and Remedies February 06 2015, 0 Comments

If you are in the midst of a hangover, the last thing you want to do is spend time searching the internet for curious, funny, odd and funky hangover cures and remedies. But when you are not hung over, learning about the bizarre things people do to try and cure a hangover is pretty entertaining.

We've compiled a list of strange hangover cures that we found on various websites, and we've highlighted some of the remedies that we think are the most peculiar. 

HungOverGournet - This website contains several hangover cures, but it also features one "old wives tale" that seems to pop up every so often: "Beer before liquor, never felt sicker." (Sometimes, the saying goes "Beer before liquor, never sicker quicker.") According to the author on this website, a person should never consume beer or carbonated alcoholic beverages and then drink non-carbonated alcoholic drinks (unless you want to suffer a horrible hangover!).

FunnyOrDie - In this website's article entitled Hangover Helper, many funky hangover cures are offered. For example: eating pickled herring, tripe soup, boiled banana peel, or deep fried canaries. (What? Are you serious? Deep fried canaries?)

BroBible - This website contains an article titled 9 Of The Weirdest Hangover Cures That Actually Work (We Think). Some of the strange hangover cures featured include: 1) working out enough to develop a good sweat, then licking the sweat off your own body - and then spitting out the sweat before swallowing, or 2) snorting the ground horn of a rhinoceros up your nose (of course, this is illegal, so it's not recommended). There are other weird hangover cures listed in the article, so take a look at the full article if you would like more information.

ForHangovers - The strange hangover cures featured on this website include: 1) Consuming Buffalo Milk (which is a combination of dark rum, spiced rum, cream liqueur, whole cream, and a scoop of ice cream), 2) Drinking Jack Rabbit Tea (which is made by steeping rabbit poop in hot water), and 3) Applying Lemon Deodorant (which can be accomplished by rubbing a slice of lemon under your arms before you begin to drink).

Difford's Guide for Discerning Drinkers - Odd and curious hangover cures are plentiful on this website. A few of the most strange include eating fertilized chicken embryos, eating the burned beak of a swallow that has been mixed with a concoction that includes myrrh, and eating uncooked herring that has been marinated in vinegar and mixed with onions.

BoredomBase - Some of the odd hangover cures featured on this website are almost too strange to believe! The article, which is titled History’s 10 Most Bizarre Hangover Cures, includes these hangover cures that involve eating: 1) Pickled Sheep Eyeballs in Tomato Juice, 2) Mince and Cheese Pie with Chocolate Milk, and 3) Sheep Lungs and Owl Eggs.

So, the next time you have a hangover, are you going to try one of these funky hangover cures? Or, are you going to use something that sounds a little bit more civilized. Like a MagiPatch?


Tips on How to Avoid a Day-After-Valentine's-Day Hangover February 04 2015, 0 Comments

It's almost Valentine's Day. Do you know how you will spend February 14th this year? No matter how simple or complicated your relationship status, if you are a drinker, there's a good chance you will consume at least a little bit of alcohol on this special day.

Knowing that many people drink alcohol on Valentine's Day, we don't want you to have to search for a hangover cure on the morning of February 15. So, we've put together a few tips on how to avoid the possibility of over-drinking and ending up with a miserable hangover after Valentine's Day:

Don't have a date this Valentine's Day? If you don't have a date on Valentine's Day this year, there's no reason to feel bad, sad or depressed. Who invented Valentine's Day anyway!? Many people who do not have (or want) a date on this 'special day of love' end up spending the day with friends, relatives, or possibly even alone. But no matter who you are or aren't with, it's not uncommon for people who do not have a date on Valentine's day to still enjoy at least one glass of wine or a cocktail. Or two. Or three. Or four.

If you find yourself consuming several drinks on Valentine's Day, make sure to keep that infamous "Day-After-Valentine's-Day Hangover" in mind. If you do, you may stop yourself from over drinking. Luckily, Valentine's Day is on a Saturday this year, which means the day after Valentine's Day is a Sunday. If you must have a hangover, Sunday is probably the best day to have one. But that doesn't make a hangover any less miserable. If you find yourself suffering from a hangover on February 15, make sure you are prepared with a MagiPatch at your disposal. Or better yet, put on a MagiPatch before you start drinking!

Did you just break up with your partner? Valentine's Day is not always the happiest day of the year for people who just broke up with their partner. If you and your significant other broke up recently, you might feel extra sad when Valentine's Day rolls around. The combination of your break up and Valentine's Day might cause you to want a few extra glasses of wine, or to indulge a little bit more on hard alcohol. No matter what type of drink you consume, your breakup might be the reason that you have a few too many. This is to be expected, considering that you are dealing with a recent split from your partner! But you might regret your over-drinking the next day. So, unless you want to deal with searching for a hangover cure on February 15, it's important that you have your hangover cure handy ahead of time!

Are you planning to eat at a fancy restaurant on Valentine's Day? Many couples choose to spend the evening of Valentine's Day eating a nice meal at a fancy restaurant. Nice restaurants usually offer nice wine. If you and your partner are having a great time, you might easily drink more than a couple of bottles! While it might seem fun at the time, you both might have a hangover the next day. But at least you will have the opportunity to try a hangover cure together. Some hangover cures are easy to administer and some are complicated. But don't worry. MagiPatch is simple.

Are you planning to stay home to have dinner and watch a movie? If you're not keen on going out to dinner and spending a large amount of money on a nice meal, you might elect to stay home and watch a movie on Valentine's Day. Many people choose to go this route on February 14. There are usually many romantic movies to watch on television on this particular day. But, who can watch a romantic movie on Valentine's Day without a drink in hand? When watching a movie and sipping on a drink, it's easy to drink much more than you originally intended. In other words, it's quite easy to get drunk on Valentine's Day while sitting in front of a movie and cuddled up on the couch with a cozy blanket. But, watch out. Nobody wants to beg for a hangover cure the morning after Valentine's Day.

Have you been saving a few bottles of wine for the big day? If you purchased more than a few bottles of wine or hard liquor with the intention of drinking all of them on Valentine's Day, it can be assumed that you will face a hangover the next morning. But you can reduce your chances of suffering from a hangover by preparing ahead of time. First, it's always a good idea to drink plenty of water before, during and after you consume alcohol. Second, spacing out your drinks over a period of time can be a helpful anti-hangover tactic. Third, you can apply a MagiPatch before you start drinking. It will work its magic - and you won't even notice it's there!

Valentine's Day comes around once a year. And while you might be the type of person who avoids this holiday altogether, you may also be someone who celebrates either alone, with friends, or with a romantic partner. No matter how you celebrate (or don't celebrate), if your day involves the consumption of alcohol, make sure you are ready. While drinking might be fun, a hangover is not. By drinking a lot of water, eating food in between alcoholic drinks, and by wearing an anti-hangover product such as MagiPatch, you have an excellent shot at avoiding the need to figure out how to cure a hangover the morning after Valentine's Day.


Hangover Cures Around the World February 02 2015, 0 Comments

No matter where you live or where you visit in the world, you are not exempt from the possibility of getting a hangover. A hangover can strike anyone who drinks alcohol. While some people are more prone to getting a hangover than others, the chance exists for everyone. Because of this, unique hangover cures have evolved across the world over the course of time.

Depending on where you live or how you usually handle curing a hangover, the methods mentioned below may seem out of the ordinary. However, these hangover cures must have some validity because they are quite well known!

Alcohol has been around for a long time. Centuries, in fact. This can only mean that hangovers have been a possibility for drinkers for just as many years. Unique hangover cures become widely known because they either 1) work, or 2) people are desperate to feel better when they have a hangover - and they are willing to try anything.

Here are some examples of hangover cures from around the world. Many seem a bit far-fetched, but may actually work (to a certain extent!).

  • In Russia, one of the most popular hangover cures is drinking a cup-full of pickle juice.
  • In Eastern Europe - hangovers are often cured with tripe soup.
  • In Peru, it's not uncommon to consume leche de tigre to help cure a hangover. Leche de tigre translates to "tiger's milk" but this concoction is not actually made of the milk from a tiger. Some consume leche de pantera to help cure their hangover - which is a concoction that is not actually made with panther's milk!
  • In Japan, eating clams that are cooked in a salty broth is thought to help cure a hangover.
  • In Haiti, some people believe that a hangover can be cured with the help of Voodoo.
  • In the United States, some of the most common hangover cures involve the consumption of eggs. Some believe that eating raw eggs will cure a hangover. Others believe that eating cooked eggs are good for stopping a hangover.
  • In England, some people think that eating a full breakfast that includes eggs, bacon and potatoes is one of the best ways to eliminate the effects of a hangover.
  • In Italy, spicy foods are what you should eat if you want to cure nausea that results from a hangover.

Besides the above-mentioned unique hangover cures that exist around the world, there are dozens of others. Do these hangover cures actually work? Maybe. Are they worth a try if no other hangover cure is available? Probably. Anyone suffering from a hangover is usually willing to try anything to make their hangover symptoms go away as quickly as possible. Despite the fact that many hangover cures from around the world involve the consumption of one or more strange ingredients, the possibility them getting rid of a hangover still makes them worth a try!


Tips, Tricks and Secrets to Prevent a Hangover January 30 2015, 0 Comments

Hangover cures are great. But, not having a hangover in the first place is even better.

The only sure fire way to avoid a hangover is to not drink. But, avoiding alcohol altogether isn't really an option, is it?

No matter if you are a casual drinker or you drink every single day, a hangover is something that you want to prevent at all costs. Not only can a hangover keep you from feeling well the next day, but a serious hangover can be downright debilitating. In fact, it's not uncommon for a person with a hangover to be out of commission for 24 straight hours - or sometimes longer.

Different people recover from a hangover at different speeds. Various factors are at play when it comes to a hangover. Additionally, it can be difficult to know how to cure a hangover if you don't normally get one after you drink.

If you've never experienced a hangover, you're lucky. But if you are one of those people who gets a hangover every time you drink - even if you don't drink all that much at any given time- knowing how to prevent a hangover can be extremely helpful.

Here are some of the best tips, tricks and secrets to prevent a hangover:

Drink as much water as possible. Alcohol consumption can lead to dehydration. And when you are dehydrated after drinking, you are likely to experience the symptoms of a hangover. If you drink large amounts of water before, during, and after you consume alcohol, you will give your body an excellent shot at avoiding a hangover.

Don't drink too much, too fast. If you pace yourself and avoid downing drink after drink without taking a break, your body will have a better chance of recovering.

Consume drinks that contain ice. One trick is to order drinks that contain ice. With an ice filled drink, you will inadvertently consume water, which will help your chances of avoiding the need for a hangover cure.

Eat while you drink. Instead of drinking non-stop, alternate drinks with food. This will allow your body to slow down the absorption of the alcohol more efficiently.

Don't drink more than you think your body can handle. When you are drinking, be aware of how you are feeling. If it seems like you are getting too drunk. Stop. Don't drink any more alcohol until you feel more in control. Over-drinking leads to being drunk - which can easily lead to a hangover.

Drink Gatorade or another sports drink. Gatorade and sports drinks contain electrolytes that can help restore balance to your body.

Best Hangover Cure? Don't Get a Hangover in the First Place!
If you stay aware of how much alcohol you are drinking, you should be able to avoid having to face the consequences of a hangover. But, this might be easier said than done for some people. In the unfortunate circumstance that you do get a hangover after a night of drinking, rest assured that there are hangover cures that are known to work.


What Is A Hangover And How Do You Cure It? January 20 2015, 0 Comments

A hangover is that feeling that you have every time you may have consumed too much alcohol. The amount of alcohol consumption that leads to a hangover can vary from person to person. Have you ever wanted to cure a wine, beer or hard liquor hangover?

After a night out drinking wine with friends, you wake up the next morning with a pounding headache. What seemed like such a good idea at the time has come back to haunt you. You need a hangover cure that’s going to work and while you may have tried different things in the past, none seem to be doing the trick.

Many of the symptoms of being drunk can actually get worse (yes, worse) the morning after, when the alcohol is still may be in your system, but not at the same level. The residual of the alcohol can take a toll on your body and make you feel as though you have made some really bad decisions in your life. Nausea, vomiting, an upset stomach, and even some dizziness may set in.

So why do you need a hangover cure? Think about what you have going on for the day. You may have work, school, or something else going on. It’s not always possible to just sit on the couch and nurse your headache for the day. There may be things to do and places to go. This means that you need a hangover cure that’s going to work quickly and effectively. Whether you are trying to cure a wine hangover or one from tequila, rum, or any other type of alcohol, it can be advantageous to look at a natural product.

MAGIPATCH is one of the best and ways to cure a hangover, naturally. There are various vitamins within the patch and it can be worn discreetly. Vitamin B and various other vitamins and nutrients help your brain and the rest of your body to recover faster. MAGIPATCH  is the most effective method because it delivers everything in a timely fashion. No more testing those hangover pills that don't work or even worse, some concoction that your friends made involving raw eggs and other nasty things you have to choke down.

At any age, it can be embarrassing to have a hangover. There’s finally a hangover cure that will work for both men and for women. Whatever you drink, our proprietary formula of all natural vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants will help to restore body function.