Hangover Cures Around the World February 02 2015, 0 Comments

No matter where you live or where you visit in the world, you are not exempt from the possibility of getting a hangover. A hangover can strike anyone who drinks alcohol. While some people are more prone to getting a hangover than others, the chance exists for everyone. Because of this, unique hangover cures have evolved across the world over the course of time.

Depending on where you live or how you usually handle curing a hangover, the methods mentioned below may seem out of the ordinary. However, these hangover cures must have some validity because they are quite well known!

Alcohol has been around for a long time. Centuries, in fact. This can only mean that hangovers have been a possibility for drinkers for just as many years. Unique hangover cures become widely known because they either 1) work, or 2) people are desperate to feel better when they have a hangover - and they are willing to try anything.

Here are some examples of hangover cures from around the world. Many seem a bit far-fetched, but may actually work (to a certain extent!).

  • In Russia, one of the most popular hangover cures is drinking a cup-full of pickle juice.
  • In Eastern Europe - hangovers are often cured with tripe soup.
  • In Peru, it's not uncommon to consume leche de tigre to help cure a hangover. Leche de tigre translates to "tiger's milk" but this concoction is not actually made of the milk from a tiger. Some consume leche de pantera to help cure their hangover - which is a concoction that is not actually made with panther's milk!
  • In Japan, eating clams that are cooked in a salty broth is thought to help cure a hangover.
  • In Haiti, some people believe that a hangover can be cured with the help of Voodoo.
  • In the United States, some of the most common hangover cures involve the consumption of eggs. Some believe that eating raw eggs will cure a hangover. Others believe that eating cooked eggs are good for stopping a hangover.
  • In England, some people think that eating a full breakfast that includes eggs, bacon and potatoes is one of the best ways to eliminate the effects of a hangover.
  • In Italy, spicy foods are what you should eat if you want to cure nausea that results from a hangover.

Besides the above-mentioned unique hangover cures that exist around the world, there are dozens of others. Do these hangover cures actually work? Maybe. Are they worth a try if no other hangover cure is available? Probably. Anyone suffering from a hangover is usually willing to try anything to make their hangover symptoms go away as quickly as possible. Despite the fact that many hangover cures from around the world involve the consumption of one or more strange ingredients, the possibility them getting rid of a hangover still makes them worth a try!