Hangover Cure for Mardi Gras February 16 2015, 0 Comments

Whether you are in New Orleans or anywhere else in the world, and you celebrate Mardi Gras, you are undoubtedly going to want a hangover cure the day after a night of drinking. Because the city of New Orleans is used to seeing many people suffer from a hangover the day after excessive amounts of alcohol have been consumed, many businesses in the area have developed their own hangover cures.

According the website NewOrleans.com, one of the best cures for a hangover in New Orleans is offered in a local restaurants. One restaurant is called Cafe Adelaide, which offers a "Hangover Hospital" which is on the restaurant's menu. In the NewOrleans.com article entitled Best Hangover Cures in New Orleans, the author describes the Hangover Hospital as: the best prescriptions you'll find on a plate in the Big Easy. The chef of the restaurant states the following about the Hangover Hospital in the article, “It fills your tummy with heavy, delicious breakfast food. Combined with a cocktail, it can either alleviate what ails or get you ready to start again.”

Another restaurant featured in the NewOrleans.com article that offers a hangover cure is called Tujague's, which offers bitters and soda as the best cure for a hangover. The article states the following about this restaurant's hangover cure: "Open for more than 150 years, the bartenders know a thing or two about how to treat a hangover. So pull up a barstool at the old cypress bar and throw back a bitters and soda – a classic hangover cure known to settle the stomach that offers just enough watered-down alcohol to take the edge off."

Additionally, the author of the NewOrleans.com article says that Satsuma Cafe in New Orleans offers a healthy drink that is one of the most well-known hangover cures available in the area. As stated in the article, "When your head is pounding and you’re feeling queasy, you might also consider bellying up to the bar for a healthy drink. At the Bywater’s sweet, eclectic Satsuma café, locals stop by the morning after for a fresh-squeezed organic juice concoction, like the Green Drink, made with apple, fennel, kale, cucumber and celery. Wonder why it’s a wonder-drink?"

Celebrate Mardi Gras, But Do So With a Hangover Cure in Mind
If you are going to celebrate Mardi Gras this year, you will likely consume alcohol for several days or night in a row. And, unless you experience a severe hangover, you will probably not let a few minor hangover symptoms slow you down. In fact, according to the author of an article published on CNet.com entitled Mardi Gras Hangover? Scientists Suspect It Won't Slow You Down, "... Researchers may be finding hints of what you and I have long known...that no matter what we say, or how we feel, our hangovers likely have very little to do with how soon we'll drink again."

If you know you will be drinking for Mardi Gras, plan ahead. Use a MagiPatch before, during and after you drink. You will find that it's more effective than eating certain foods when your hangover symptoms appear. Essentially, it's the best cure for a hangover that exists today!