How Does Transdermal Drug Delivery Technology Work as a Hangover Cure? February 18 2015, 0 Comments

MagiPatch is a hangover remedy that works through a transdermal drug delivery system. As stated in an article published on the website, Transdermal drug delivery is defined as the non-invasive delivery of medications through the skin surface. The concept of transdermal drug delivery has been around for many decades. In other words, it's not a new method of delivering medication to a person - without the need for oral pills or injections with needles. In the case of MagiPatch, a small square is placed on the skin, and the body absorbs the ingredients in the patch over the course of several hours. The delivery method is considered a controlled release - and it's painless and simple.

What Happens When the Active Ingredients of MagiPatch Touch the Skin?
When you place a MagiPatch on your skin, the active ingredients on the patch slowly get absorbed through the skin. The ingredients slowly make their way into your circulatory system. The patch is attached to the skin with an adhesive called a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA). A PSA is designed to ensure that the patch remains in contact with your skin for the several hours that it is worn. However, the pressure is very light and practically unnoticeable by the user. The adhesive that is used with a MagiPatch is easy to remove from the skin, and is designed to not leave any sort of residue.

There are Many Advantages of the MagiPatch Hangover Cure
If you are searching for the best hangover cure, MagiPatch is the answer. This transdermal drug delivery system is proven to be an effective hangover remedy that works. Here are many of the reasons MagiPatch has advantages over other types of methods to cure a hangover:

  • MagiPatch offers controlled absorption
  • MagiPatch is simple to use
  • MagiPatch is completely painless
  • MagiPatch can be removed from the skin at any time, which terminates the administration of its active ingredients
  • MagiPatch is convenient and its package can be carried in a purse, wallet or pocket
  • MagiPatch is filled with ingredients that are healthy and specifically designed to work as a hangover remedy

Cure a Hangover with Transdermal Drug Delivery Technology
When you apply a MagiPatch to your skin before consuming alcohol, it begins to work immediately. It's ingredients are designed to prevent your body for suffering from common hangover symptoms such as nausea, headache, thirst, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to noise, and feeling extremely tired. If a MagiPatch is applied to your skin before you begin drinking, it works to keep your body fortified with vital nutrients - one of which is Vitamin B. Because the patch works via a transdermal drug delivery method, it provides a slow yet systemic distribution of active ingredients over a period of several hours. Known as one of the best hangover cures currently available, MagiPatch is safe for most men and women who are over the age of 21.