The Best Foods to Eat Before, During and After You Drink to Prevent a Hangover February 23 2015, 0 Comments


If you've ever experienced a hangover, you know what hangover symptoms feel like. Nausea. Headache. Dizziness. Fatigue. Weakness. Muscle Aches. Feeling Awful.

In most cases, hangover symptoms eventually go away on their own. But enduring the pain and suffering caused by a hangover can be extremely unpleasant and downright miserable.

Most people who have ever suffered from a hangover never want to experience hangover symptoms ever again. And this is one reason they do everything in their power to avoid getting a hangover in the first place. But how can people avoid getting a hangover if they either enjoy drinking alcohol on a regular basis or they simply choose to drink a little bit too much one night?

When it comes to preventing a hangover or taking steps to cure a hangover, there are several methods. But some methods work better than others. Anyone looking for an excellent hangover recovery system that is proven to work should learn more about MagiPatch, which is a hangover cure that is applied to the skin 30 minutes prior to the consumption of alcohol. The patch contains several natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are absorbed into the skin via Transdermal Drug Delivery Technology. When left in place for up to eight hours after drinking alcohol, MagiPatch prevents the onset of hangover symptoms. MagiPatch is not only a hangover cure, but it's also considered as a hangover prevention system that stops a hangover from occurring in the first place.

Even though MagiPatch is quite possibly the best hangover cure available on the market today, can you take additional steps to prevent a hangover or cure a hangover? Many believe that what you eat before, during and after you drink alcohol can significantly affect your chances of getting a hangover, and also curing a hangover if you get one.

Here are some tips from different websites on what you should eat before, during and after drinking alcohol to ward off a hangover:

SymptomFind - 10 Best Hangover Foods To Eat For A Fast Recovery - This article states that if you want to know how to cure a hangover, eat the following food items: eggs, toast, crackers, bullion soup, honey, fruit juice, water and/or sports drinks, cactus extract, tomatoes, and beef or chicken noodle soup. The article also says that eating fatty foods is not necessarily a way to cure a hangover, but might help with hangover prevention. Therefore, fatty foods should be eaten before drinking because they may be better at preventing a hangover than curing one. - 10 Foods and Drinks that Help a Hangover - This article on lists several foods and drinks that should work as hangover cures. Included on the list are: water, sports drinks, fizzy drinks, bananas, eggs and whole wheat toast, various herbs, greasy food, spicy foods, soup, and plain crackers. - The Best and Worst Foods to Cure a Hanover - This article states that there is not a specific combination of food that will serve as a perfect hangover cure, but eating certain foods can do a great job at alleviating hangover symptoms. The list included in this article offers the best and the worst foods that a person should consume as a hangover remedy, including the following: water sports drinks, coconut water, ginger or peppermint tea, fruit juice, pickle juice, bananas, kiwi, spinach, eggs, chicken noodle soup, miso soup, crackers or toast with honey, oats and tomatoes. The article also contains a list of foods that should be avoided as a hangover cure: greasy food, drinks that contain alcohol, coffee and orange juice. - How to Avoid a Hangover - This article provides tips on what to eat before, during and after a hangover. The advice it gives is as follows: BEFORE: starchy bread, pretzels, pasta and fruit. DURING: water. AFTER: ginger tea with honey and lemon, fruits, vegetables and eggs.

Do You Have Plans to Drink this Weekend?
If you are planning to drink this weekend, make sure you have the best hangover cure in your possession before you start drinking. If you do end up with a hangover, the last thing you are going to want to do is search for ways to cure a hangover when you are experiencing severe hangover symptoms.

Filling your stomach with certain types of food may be a great way to help avoid the possibility of getting a hangover. In fact, you might want to adopt the mantra: If I'm Going to Drink, I Better Eat!

Drink With an Empty Stomach?
Have you ever heard that drinking on an empty stomach is a bad idea? If you have ever consumed alcohol on an empty stomach, you may have noticed that it makes you feel drunk faster. So, if you want to "hold your liquor" better, make sure to eat food before, during and after you drink. Your chances of suffering from a hangover the next day will be greatly diminished. Following the advice given by the abovementioned websites by eating certain foods before, during and after drinking may also give you the upper hand against a hangover.

Eat Food Before, During and After Drinking, and Also Use a MagiPatch
If you want to completely avoid the possibility of getting a hangover after a night of excessive drinking, try using a MagiPatch and also eating quite a bit of food before, during and after drinking. The combination of natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients in the MagiPatch and the nutrients in the food you eat are an great way to cure a hangover - or to prevent a hangover from ever occurring.