Yoga Can Be Used as a Hangover Cure February 24 2015, 0 Comments

If you like yoga, and you also like drinking alcohol, you're in luck! Several sources (listed below) affirm that yoga can be an excellent hangover remedy. So, if you experience hangover symptoms the morning after a night of excessive alcohol consumption, yoga might be a excellent method to cure your hangover fast.

While it may not be advisable to partake in a hardcore exercise regimen if you are experiencing a hangover, yoga can be a good alternative. As discussed in a recent MagiPatch blog post entitled Is Exercise a Good Hangover Cure? Maybe.: "Because your body is dehydrated when you are hungover, partaking in any sort of exercise that would cause you to sweat - or lose more bodily fluids - may make your hangover feel even worse."

Since yoga may not necessarily cause a person who is hungover to sweat profusely, it might serve as an excellent hangover cure.

Here are a few articles on how yoga may work as a cure a hangover:

Yoga Poses to Cure Your Hangover - This article states that yoga is a healthy hangover cure because it does not involve ingesting medicine that can cause damage to the body. Also, yoga is a calming activity that helps a person relax and promotes health. The article also says that yoga helps release toxins in the body and helps with circulation.

Hangover Cure: The Best Yoga Pose for Hangovers - The author of this article suggests that a yoga pose called the "Seated Twist" is an excellent hangover cure. The article provides instructions on how to complete the Seated Twist, and suggests that this particular yoga pose speeds up the hangover recovery process.

Too Much to Drink? Try Yoga - This article states that a body that is feeling the effects of a hangover might feel better after yoga. The author provides information on various yoga poses that might help cure the symptoms of a hangover.

6 Pain-Relieving Yoga Poses - Provided in this article are instructions for six different yoga poses that are meant to help cure a hangover fast - by relieving headache pain and restoring balance to the hungover body.

Hangover Helper: Detox Yoga Flow - This is a video that shows viewers several yoga poses that are designed to help recover from a hangover. The yoga poses featured in the video are designed to promote stretching, deep breathing, and twisting motions that are meant to help the body detox and feel better.

Exercise, Relax and Get Over It : Yoga Hangover Cure - This is another video that provides yoga instruction. The caption under the video implies that everyone searching for a hangover should try yoga!

If you are searching for a way to cure a hangover fast because you are suffering from serious hangover symptoms, yoga might be the answer.