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Each Pack includes 10 Magipatch Hangover patches. Free shipping to US address via USPS for 10-patch packs. Limited Time Offer.

Product Desctiption

Magipatch is a 100% natural antioxidant clear patch. Its unique transdermal technology utilizes special material to continuously deliver active proprietary blend of antioxidant and multivitamin through your skin into your body for up to 24 hours. Clear patch provides privacy to the users while skin absorption does not cause stomach irritation associated with consumption of hangover pills. Science-driven formula effectively reduces hangover by replenishing vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants loss during alcohol consumption. All natural ingredients balance your body to a new freshness and brightness in the morning. Special seal package to reserve active ingredients.


  1. Apply one new patch 30 minutes before alcohol consumption on skin that is dry, clean, and hairless. 
  2. Remove backing from patch and immediately press onto skin. Hold for 10 seconds. 
  3. To remove from skin after use, wet thoroughly with water and pull up slowly by lifting at the corner. 


Keep patch on for 8 hours after you have stopped consuming alcohol. You may wear Magipatch for up to 16 hours. Do not leave Magipatch on for more than 24 hours because skin irritation may occur. To further improve the recovery process, you may apply a new patch in the morning. 


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